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Fine Art                       Commercial Art


Public Art

    Garland Columns!

    River Beacons!

    Guilin Harmony!

    Shepard Building

    Ames Circle of Arts! 

    Tampa Centennial Keep!

    Ybor City Medallions!

    Mr. Potato Head!  

    Penn State Univ.

     Nature's Trust  





   Time Works!

   Digital Art!

   Industrial Sculpture

     Disney - Standard Characters!

         Disney -Feature Characters!

         Disney Design Group!


         Sesame Street!

         Licensed Characters!

         Action Figures!

         Toys - All Kinds!

         Large Scale!


         Trade Show!


Recent Work! (coming soon)

          Including Barbie, Batman,

          Playdoh, Superman & more!

 Theme Park & Cruise Ship

     Park Plaza Sesamo!

        Hopi Hari, Brazil!

        Disney's Animal Kingdom!

        Splendour of the Seas!


     New and Restoration!

         Pont de la Paix Project

 Children's Programming

       "Li'l Rhody!"

       "Pollywog Pond!"

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