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Ffigure-_Victorias_Song_.gif (54401 bytes) Ffigure-_Gypsy_Girl_.gif (99542 bytes) Figure-_Gypsy_Girl_detail_.gif (110951 bytes) Ffigure-_Taya_.gif (45268 bytes)
Victoria's Song

36" high

Gypsy Girl

30" high

Gypsy Girl



48" high

Figure-_Water_Jug_Girl_.gif (49016 bytes) JIM_HENSON_4.GIF (41628 bytes) JIM_HENSON_2.GIF (44908 bytes) JIM_HENSON_1.GIF (199311 bytes)
Water Jug Girl

36" high

Jim Henson Reflections

1/6 scale clay

Jim Henson Reflections



Portrait relief- Lou Lamoreillo

Hockey Award

American College Hockey Assn.

Player of the year award-

The Sid Watson Award

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