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Commercial Art!

To view a streaming 5 minute video interview of sculptor Bill Culbertson, broadcast by Rhode Island Magazine, CLICK HERE! (Windows Media Player)

To view a streaming 4 minute interview of sculptor Bill Culbertson about sculpting toys, by CBS/FOX News, CLICK HERE! (Windows Media Player)

To see an index of recent work (all categories) click here!

The work found in this section of my portfolio demonstrate the variety of media and subject matter that I work in. 

Please browse the different sections of this portfolio by clicking on a category or sub-title below. 

Industrial Sculpture

     Disney - Standard Characters!

        Disney -Feature Characters!

        Disney Design Group!


        Sesame Street!

        Licensed Characters!

        Action Figures!

        Toys - All Kinds!

        Large Scale!


        Trade Show!


 Theme Park & Cruise Ship

     Park Plaza Sesamo!

         Hopi Hari, Brazil!

         Disney's Animal Kingdom!

         Splendour of the Seas!


      New and Restoration!

Recent Work!

         Including Barbie, Batman,

         Playdoh, Superman & more!


Please e-mail culbertson@cox.net with questions of comments about these or any other projects. Thank you for visiting!

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