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Working on large scale architectural pieces of new work and restoration of historical pieces, the clays are intended for concrete casting. The degree of finish required is not as complete as in pattern work. The concrete castings are typically given an acid bath that etches the surface. Some pieces are done on site, often in a vertical position, up building walls.

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St Antoine 1.gif (118926 bytes) St Antoine 2.gif (117914 bytes) arch sign.gif (74464 bytes) Mvc-385x.jpg (179970 bytes)
Bishop Coat of Arms

30" high

Hall Signage This Old House
Mvc-210x.jpg (145990 bytes) Mvc-422x.jpg (117776 bytes)

Mvc-418x.jpg (109747 bytes)

Temple 2.gif (142666 bytes)

Temple 1.gif (111519 bytes)

Mvc-316x.jpg (180197 bytes)
Temple Emanuel Temple Emanuel
Rock Cliff Mansion, Newport, RI
upper pediment 2.gif (126626 bytes)

upper pediment 1.gif (119943 bytes)

lower_Pediment_clay_1.gif (95426 bytes)

arch bench leg.gif (78630 bytes)

urn 1.GIF (98707 bytes)
Upper Pediment

8' wide

Lower Pediment

6' wide

Bench Leg


28" high

cornacopia_clay_2.gif (124209 bytes) cornacopia_clay_back_2.gif (115206 bytes) Corbal_Finished.GIF (111980 bytes) Corbal_Finished_2.gif (95911 bytes) rock cliff rear.GIF (77636 bytes)
Cornucopia Concrete Corbals

3'6 long

Rockcliff entry urn 1.JPG (265368 bytes) Rockcliff entry urn 3.JPG (117000 bytes) Rockcliff entry urn 2.JPG (96151 bytes)
Front Entrance Urn
Cor Capitol Before.gif (223716 bytes) Corinthian Capitol, before...                and after! Cor Capitol After 1.gif (224693 bytes)

Cor Capitol After.gif (203689 bytes)

Custom Planter/Urn, removable lid

arch urn.gif (108553 bytes)


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