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Shepard Building Project             

Commissioned by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, the Shepard project  had two parts. The Shepard Historical Chronicler and the Shepard Cylinders.

The Shepard Historical Chronicler documents the history of the Shepard  Department Stores through the print advertisements the Store ran over its century of existence. The sculpture features five independently rotating drums. Each drum covers a twenty year time span. When activated, the drum is illuminated and rotated to reveal a different image in the window. The drum timers act randomly.

The Shepard Historical Columns are three dimensional relief sculptures that depict the imagery of the ads used in the Shepard Historical Chronicler. Each of the five sculptures represents a twenty year period. The style of design used in the compositions  reflects the time period represented. Each cylinder has cracks along their length that allow light from neon bulbs inside to shine through. A computer changes the color of the neon lights.  Together the pieces create a visual light dance along  street level windows where they are installed.

Shepard Chronicler No. 2

Shepard Cylinders

Shepard Clays


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