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Time Works                                       

The Time Works sculpture series that explores man's relationship to time and   
cultural development. The series, created primarily of wood and ceramics, has been exhibited nationwide.
Time_Works_-_Time_Keep_.gif (55290 bytes) time_keep3.jpg (50977 bytes) Time_Works_-_Eve_.gif (44660 bytes) Time_Works_-_Eve_detail_.gif (75061 bytes)
Time Keep

56" high

Time Keep

Interior  Detail (wood)


75" high



Time_Works_-_Time_Chronicler_.gif (55811 bytes) Time_Works_-_Machined_Venus_.gif (75435 bytes) Time_Works_-_Time_AAstrolab.gif (338218 bytes) Time_Works_-_Grand_Astrolab_.gif (109917 bytes)
Time Chronicler

39" high

Machined Venus

16" high

Time Astrolabe

42" high

Grand Astrolabe

98" high

time_works-_minor_keep.jpg (33264 bytes) Time_Works_-_Time_Piece_.gif (73959 bytes)
Minor Keep

42" high

Time Piece

52" high


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