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Guilin Harmony                       

The artist was recently invited to design and execute a large scale sculpture for the Guilin Yu-Zi Paradise Sculpture Symposium in Guilin, People's Republic of China. The piece, Guilin harmony was designed using the computer program 3D Studio Max. The twenty-two foot tall sculpture was fabricated from steel, aluminum and plastic. The piece features a blue solar lamp that illuminates the center sphere at night.  Fourteen artist from eight countries were invited to attend the symposium.  Installed 1998.
Guilin Harmony 1.GIF (57247 bytes) Guilin_Harmony_1.GIF (117473 bytes)
Computer Image Installed Piece
Guilin_Harmony_2.GIF (307213 bytes) Guilin_Harmony_3.GIF (143723 bytes)


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