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Public Art                                          

Over the years, I have worked on a variety of Public art commissions in various media and styles. Please browse the different pages below fora few of the project stories. Please browse the different projects by clicking on a project title.  Click on the thumbnail images for larger views.


Garland Columns

Garland, TX


Ames Circle of Arts 


Ames, IA


Tampa Centennial Keep

Tampa, FL



Relic.gif (41094 bytes)

Providence, RI

Guilin Harmony

Guilin, PR of China



Shepard Building

Providence, RI



Nature's Trust

11 - Natures Trust.jpg (1136853 bytes)

  Orlando, FL




   Ybor City Medallions


      Ybor City, FL


wolf A copy.jpg (101914 bytes)

Lake City City, FL


Mr. Potato Head

Providence, RI



Puritas Station Promenade


Cleveland, OH





River Beacons

Providence, RI


 East Innes Portal

Salisbury, NC


Student Body Promenade

Penn State Univ.,

State College, PA

 Parc Plaza Sesamo

Monterrey, Mexico



Garland Columns!

River Beacons!

Guilin Harmony!




Shepard Building

Ames Circle of Arts!    






Mr. Potato Head

 Penn State Univ.       



Nature's Trust

Ybor City Medallions!

 Tampa Centennial Keep!


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Please e-mail culbertson@cox.net with questions of comments about these or any other projects. Thank you for visiting!

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