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Hopi Hari!                    

Hopi Hari, Sao Paulo, Brazil

For the new Hopi Hari theme park, I was commissioned to do Preliminary sculpts, full size, ready for fiberglass coating, of five Sesame Street Characters. In addition I did eight Muppet animals and developed an eight foot Big Bird in concrete. Use of photography was restricted.
Bb.gif (87168 bytes) Bb1.gif (67924 bytes) BERTHORSE.GIF (58787 bytes) Chickens.gif (72658 bytes) CHICKENS1.GIF (133233 bytes)
Big Bird in progress

8' tall

Big Bird


Bert & horse

4'6 tall

Muppet Chickens
Cow.gif (210761 bytes) ERNIR&COW.GIF (57601 bytes) Pigs.gif (64632 bytes) Oscar.gif (80544 bytes) Oscar1.gif (54998 bytes)
Muppet Cow

4'6 tall

Muppet Pigs

5' wide


6' tall

Elmo.gif (51023 bytes) Zoe.gif (58835 bytes)

4'6 tall


4'6 tall


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