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Disney's Animal Kingdom! 

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida
For the major thrill ride attraction, Countdown to Extinction, I was commissioned to created eight Dino Institute signs in fiberglass and urethane. The signs are located on the entrance planters and entrance facade of the building. Another three foot diameter sign greets riders inside before the trip.
Theme_Park-_Dino_Inst_1.gif (62069 bytes)

Theme_Park-_Dino_Inst_3.gif (118178 bytes)




Theme_Park-_Dino_Inst_2.gif (47166 bytes)


Theme_Park-_Dino_Inst_4.gif (54404 bytes)

3' Diameter Sign for interior installation in attraction 18" Diameter Sign Installed 6' wide sign 6' Sign Installed

(two of these signs are on facade)


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