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Park Plaza Sesamo!            

Parque Plaza Sesamo, Monterrey, Mexico

For Mexico's newest theme park, Parque Plaza Sesamo, in Monterey, I created more than fifteen pieces.  Abelardo (Big Bird) stands atop a fountain in the entrance plaza (right). He is over eight feet tall and is made of urethane over EPS with a crushed granite finish. Muppet frogs, on giant lily pads spout 
water across the Main Entrance fountain below Abelardo. Beto (Bert) as a lifeguard is made of fiberglass. With    computer controlled animation, he turns his head, flops   his sandal and twirls his whistle around his finger. He is located at a kiddie pool. The Doorknob and ten Twiddlebugs are located with a
Kiddie roller coaster. Everything in the area is enlarged nine times life-size.
FRONT_ENTRANCE.gif (81113 bytes) Theme_Park-_Abelardo_.gif (68910 bytes) Abelard1.GIF (161016 bytes) Theme_Park-_Frogs_.gif (89062 bytes) Theme_Park-_Frogs2_.gif (82529 bytes)
Entrance Figures Abelardo

(Big Bird)

8' tall Muppet Frogs 2' high
Theme_Park_-_Bert_.gif (60880 bytes) Beto.GIF (79871 bytes) Theme_Park_-_Bert2_.gif (58031 bytes) BETO_2.gif (114212 bytes) Theme_Park-_Doorknob_fountain_.gif (80962 bytes)
Beto (Bert)

9' tall

Computer adjustments Beto Installed Doorknob Fountain

3'6 high

Theme_Park-_Twid_1_.gif (80787 bytes) Theme_Park-_Twid_2_.gif (77109 bytes) Theme_Park-_Twid_3_.gif (96040 bytes) TWIDS__TEACUP.gif (93907 bytes) PURPLE_TWID.gif (215721 bytes)
Twiddlebugs 2'6 tall Twids & Teacup


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