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Lake City Community College                                  4-2-07  -  9-24-07 Lake City, Florida

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Concept Image

“Timberwolves” is composed of a two sided monolithic unit. The unit is to be located around the  “island” outdoor site. The wedge shaped unit is fabricated in reinforced pre-cast concrete. The surface coloration and texture will be chosen in consultation with the Committee. Please understand that a high quality surface is achievable with additives to the concrete including quartz “sparkles,” mica, and other minerals. The medallion design, image and the model is not necessarily the final design, it is for preliminary purposes.  Research into Timberwolves, the input of the Committee, etc. will help to finalize a design.


Monolith unit

· Overall dimensions: 11’6” x 10” x 6’

· Material: reinforced precast concrete

· Coloration: buff(?) surface with green/teal accents

· Attachment to Pad: square tubing “pins,  epoxied in place

· Medallion size: 3” thick elliptical 6’’ x 3’ (Precast or fiberglass)

The monolith has two elliptical relief medallions, one on each large face surface. The medallions will depict the endangered and threatened Timberwolf. Graphic words and symbols could also be used to help in the depiction the school’s mascot.  The expectation is that there will be one medallions sculpted, molded and cast twice, one for each side of the monolith. The footing for the piece will be an engineered concrete pad.

The following pictures follow the relief development from foam build-up to clay. Changes in proportions, position and surface treatment are viewable (click on image to enlarge).

Height of relief is six feet.

Timberwolves01.jpg (358872 bytes) Timberwolves02.jpg (354144 bytes) Timberwolves03.jpg (163567 bytes) Timberwolves04.jpg (361172 bytes)
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Finished clay
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Wm. Culbertson, Artist   

(401.766.6256,  email:culbertson@cox.net)

Copyright 2006 Culbertson

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