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Tampa Public Art

Ybor City Cultural Medallions

Commissioned by the City of Tampa, the 5' diameter Medallions are to be located on the bridge/overpass abutments. Thirty-two castings in all will be made of the four originals. 

The works are meant to be easily understandable for quick comprehension by passing motorists. The themes depict cultural aspects of life in historic Ybor City. For a FDOT video presentation of the Ybor I-4 Bridge project, click here!

Please be patient, there are well over 100 photo thumbnails on this page.

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First round designs

Food-medallion2.jpg (72083 bytes)    Home-medallion2.jpg (70169 bytes)   

social-medallion2.jpg (74773 bytes)    Lector-medallion2.jpg (77994 bytes)   

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Second round designs

Food-medallionB.jpg (650012 bytes)    Home-medallionB.jpg (586428 bytes)

 social-medallionB.jpg (639795 bytes)    Lector-medallionB.jpg (680726 bytes) 

Major revision to "Home" 

medallion, minor 

changes to others.


Final Clay Medallions (detail photos below)

       sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food21.jpg (346992 bytes)   sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home20.jpg (351957 bytes)


Medallion Construction

The medallions are constructed of two layers of 3/4" MDF board, pink urethane foam insulation, and oil base non-sulphur clay.




Foam Build-Up/ Relief Solutions





Clay "Lector" Medallion

 In-Progress Images



 Final Sculpt Images








Clay "Social" Medallion

 In-Progress Images





 Final Sculpt Images (showing changes from above photos)




Clay "Food" Medallion

  In-Progress Images


 Final Clay Images

                 sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food12.jpg (320259 bytes) sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food05.jpg (223991 bytes) sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food14.jpg (236413 bytes) sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food21.jpg (346992 bytes)

               sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food20.jpg (257366 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food16.jpg (248511 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food13.jpg (250808 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food15.jpg (251764 bytes)  

       sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food08.jpg (251728 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food11.jpg (261242 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food18.jpg (279806 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food17.jpg (448634 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food07.jpg (411641 bytes)

       sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food19.jpg (227752 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food06.jpg (253719 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food04.jpg (244991 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food10.jpg (211536 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_food09.jpg (250952 bytes)



Clay "Home" Medallion

 In-Progress Images

      sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home04.jpg (398849 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home01.jpg (288662 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home05.jpg (269384 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home02.jpg (228128 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home03.jpg (243015 bytes)    

*Re-design: addition of woman & child figures to porch groups




*Re-touches of the Bike Rider & Wheel Fork

     sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home31.jpg (237263 bytes)   sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home30.jpg (261232 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home29.jpg (285450 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home32.jpg (290253 bytes) 

                Shoulder and arms modified and front bike fork re-positioned (12-9-04)

Final Clay Images

      sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home12.jpg (220675 bytes)   sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home19.jpg (345494 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home20.jpg (351957 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home09.jpg (260991 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home08.jpg (206111 bytes)

      sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home28.jpg (263937 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home11.jpg (253707 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home10.jpg (258433 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home22.jpg (259126 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home07.jpg (261830 bytes)  


             sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home13.jpg (293165 bytes)    sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home14.jpg (287900 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home17.jpg (303345 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home18.jpg (272977 bytes)

      sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home25.jpg (285240 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home21.jpg (270981 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home27.jpg (285505 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home26.jpg (275646 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home23.jpg (262999 bytes)

                  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home06.jpg (265025 bytes)        sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home24.jpg (260466 bytes)        sculpturelab_ybor_clay_home15.jpg (237793 bytes)

Delivery to ACI Composites, Lancaster, PA

sculpturelab_ybor_clay_lector37.jpg (148558 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_lector38.jpg (314566 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social29.jpg (320407 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social25.jpg (151410 bytes)

sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social26.jpg (182652 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social27.jpg (67091 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social28.jpg (137137 bytes)  

 sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social30.jpg (107307 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social31.jpg (106959 bytes)  sculpturelab_ybor_clay_social33.jpg (156712 bytes)



Installation in progress

Ybor Medallion - Social 03.jpg (335696 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Social 02.jpg (340178 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Social 01.jpg (368452 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Food 03.jpg (298244 bytes)

Ybor Medallion - Home 01.jpg (511482 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Home 03.jpg (397173 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Home 02.jpg (659906 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Food 04.jpg (319026 bytes)  

Ybor Medallion - Food 01.jpg (450991 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Food 02.jpg (531102 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Lector 02.jpg (378464 bytes)  Ybor Medallion - Lector 01.jpg (384427 bytes)


Please e-mail with questions of comments about these or any other projects. Thank you for visiting!

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