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Garland Columns                  

The Spirit of Garland

The Spirit of Garland Columns were commissioned by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority to depict the history of the City of Garland, Texas, outside Dallas. The Major Column, thirty feet tall depicts the period from 1800 to 1950. The twenty foot Minor Column depicts 1950  to present day. The graphic relief elements are visual representations of the major events and cultural developments in the city's growth.

The Minor Column houses a 28" solar timepiece that is computer controlled. The top third of the sculpture represents a "Time  Machine " that recorded the history of the city over time by "sculpting" the columns as it slowly rises, turning around the column. The concept  design, research and composition are by the artist.
The works are constructed of steel, EPS foam, urethane shell and real crushed granite finish. The pieces are located at the  intersection of Walnut and Fifth Streets in downtown Garland. Commissioned in 1993, the pieces were installed in 1994.

Major Column

Minor Column


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