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Tampa Centennial Keep               

Centennial Clock Keep

Commissioned by the City of Tampa, the Centennial Clock Keep depicts the history of the Tampa Union Train Station. Please follow the links below to view photos.

To view photos of the project during creation, please use the links at the bottom of the page!

Original computer rendered proposal (right)





TUS A.jpg (373146 bytes)  TUS B.jpg (431891 bytes)  TUS C.jpg (351645 bytes)  TUS F.jpg (563049 bytes)  TUS D.jpg (376054 bytes)



  * link to clay sculpture stage page

  * link to finished clay sculpture stages page

  * link to concrete casting and shipping stages page

  * link to installation and completed piece page

  *  For a .pdf copy of article with photos, please click here!

  * For a pdf copy of Tampa Public Art's flyer for the project, please click here!


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