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Digital Art                                       

The images below are preliminary design sketches for commissions. All were done using 3d Max, a modeling/animation program, PhotoShop and Illustrator.
Ames_revised_2001.GIF (93854 bytes) Ames_revised_2001b.GIF (202439 bytes) GUILIN_DAWN_STEEL.gif (66431 bytes)
GUILIN_DAWNSS.GIF (19132 bytes) Portage1.GIF (134801 bytes) Portage4.GIF (144074 bytes)
relics_1.gif (14998 bytes) RiverBeacons_Wm.C._Culbertson.gif (11303 bytes) scouters_hall__1.GIF (57154 bytes)
Tampa_1.gif (29387 bytes) Tampa_2.gif (41941 bytes)
bearclock1 copy.JPG (111672 bytes) edventure bearclock4a.jpg (112718 bytes)

BERKELEY BRIDGE 5.jpg (570807 bytes) BERKELEY BRIDGE 6.jpg (994537 bytes) Disk1.GIF (171721 bytes) Disk4.GIF (109221 bytes)



miami c1.jpg (30285 bytes)

miami A.jpg (39493 bytes)

conc wheel.GIF (112891 bytes)

The gate open.jpg (87737 bytes) The gate open2.jpg (57684 bytes)


Please e-mail culbertson@cox.net with questions of comments about these or any other projects. Thank you for visiting!

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