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Commercial Art!

The work found in this section is of individual projects for various companies. 
This section is under construction...  The files were corrupted and are being re-loaded. 

It will be completely updated soon! Underlined listings have been updated already. 

Industrial Sculpture

   Disney Design Group!

             999 Happy Haunts - Crypt & Picture Frame

            Tree of Life

            Disney Studios

            Mickey Theater

            Big Goofy


    Esscentual Brands

           Barbie Tooth Brush Holder

           Barbie Lip Balm Cap

           Barbie Bottle Topper       

           Batman Toothbrush Holder

           Batman Bath Bottle

           Batman Bottle Topper

           Batmobile Topper

           Curious George Tooth Brush Holder

           Curious George Lip Balm

           Terrance Bath Bottle

           Superman Bath Bottle

           Care Bears Bath Bottle

           Sesame Street 


Cool Gear

         Animal Bottle Toppers

         Halloween Figures & Dinnerware Accessories





Aiello Designs - (Password Required)


Emblem & Badge

        Sid Watson Award

        Lou Lamorillo Award



        Playdoh Doh Doh Island

        Chicken Little Car

        Night Garden Figures  (Password Required)

        Stompers  (Password Required)

        Darth Tater

        Big Darth Tater

        Mrs. Potato Head

        Potato Head Bits

        Potato Head Shrek

        Potato Head Celeberties

        Playdoh Boxes

        Playdoh Doh Doh Iceberg


Toys R Us

        Bath Spout Cover

        Dog & Clips


ARF   (Password Required)


First Years





  Recent Work!

           Including Barbie, Batman,

          Playdoh, Superman & more!



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