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Splendour of the Seas!          

Armillary Spheres

Sculpted and fabricated for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Splendour of the Seas, two spheres were completed. The smaller three foot diameter sphere was made along a more conventional design. The larger second sphere, the Planet Sphere, has planets positioned around its body. Both spheres were constructed mainly of aluminum with a powder-coat finish. The planets were steel spheres.
Large_Armillary_Sphere_1.gif (133971 bytes) Large_Armillary_Sphere_2.gif (122775 bytes) Large_Armillary_Sphere_1closeup.gif (79811 bytes) Large_Armillary_Sphere_installed.gif (125642 bytes)
Planet Sphere Planet Sphere Planet Sphere Installation
Large_Armillary_Sphere_welding_2.gif (101195 bytes) Large_Armillary_Sphere_welding.gif (102901 bytes) observation_deck.gif (148236 bytes) Small_Armillary_Sphere_2.gif (108709 bytes)
Fabrication Fabrication Installation Small Sphere
Small_Armillary_Sphere.gif (57740 bytes) Small_Armillary_Sphere_4.gif (124860 bytes) Small_Armillary_Sphere_closeup.gif (113260 bytes) Small_Armillary_Sphere_3.gif (107304 bytes)
Small Sphere Small Sphere Small Sphere Small Sphere


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