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Tampa Centennial Keep 

Centennial Clock Keep

Commissioned by the City of Tampa, the Centennial Clock Keep depicts the history of the Tampa Union Train Station. 

 To view the other stages, please use the link below.

  * link to clay sculpture stage page

  * link to finished clay sculpture stages page

   * link to installation and completed piece page

   *  For a .pdf copy of article with photos, please click here!

   * For a pdf copy of Tampa Public Art's flyer for the project,

Concrete casting and Shipping:

Concrete Castings

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Fitting of sections... pieces are wet from rain (coloration)      

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 sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking9.JPG (66742 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking10.JPG (82852 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking5.JPG (65285 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking6.JPG (76468 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking4.JPG (66732 bytes)

 sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking3.JPG (132606 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking1.JPG (56542 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_truckin2.JPG (62730 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking7.JPG (59504 bytes)  sculpturelab_PUB_ART_TUS_trucking8.JPG (66034 bytes)

           Packed and loaded... the sections headed for Florida!


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