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Tampa Centennial Keep  

Centennial Clock Keep

Commissioned by the City of Tampa, the Centennial Clock Keep depicts the history of the Tampa Union Train Station. 

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During development, the City of Tampa, through the ARC Commission determined the tower should be located to the side of the Station, not in front as the artist desired and designed it to be.

installation 1.jpg (144712 bytes)     installation 2.jpg (164345 bytes)     installation 3.jpg (124445 bytes)     installation 4.jpg (96487 bytes)

installation 5.jpg (141853 bytes)     installation 6.jpg (93135 bytes)     installation 7.jpg (113840 bytes)     installation 8.jpg (124762 bytes)

Installation occurred on 10-9-03. The contractor erected the tower and secured the sections. The next day the electricians installed the clocks while the contractor completed the installation of the brackets and the grout/caulking between the sections. The above photos are from the first day of installation. 

sculpturelab_tampa_clocktow.jpg (340524 bytes)       sculpturelab_tampa_clocktower.jpg (118419 bytes)  

These are photos of the completed piece with sidewalks and brick work.


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