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Shepard Cylinders 

Commissioned by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, the Shepard project  had two parts. The Shepard Historical Chronicler and the Shepard Cylinders.

The Shepard Historical Columns are three dimensional relief sculptures that depict the imagery of the ads used in the Shepard Historical Chronicler. Each of the five sculptures represents a twenty year period. The style of design used in the compositions  reflects the time period represented. Each cylinder has cracks along their length that allow light from neon bulbs inside to shine through. A computer changes the color of the neon lights.  Together the pieces create a visual light dance along  street level windows where they are installed.


SB20.jpg (59094 bytes)
Concept Drawing Installation Concept Drawing
Cylinder Layout


SHEP_CYL_-_TURNING_PATTERNS.GIF (18875 bytes) SHEP_CYL_-_CAP_PLATES.GIF (40244 bytes) SHEP_CYL_-_PIPE.GIF (20141 bytes) SHEP_CYL_-_SETS.GIF (18380 bytes)
Cap Turnings Mounting Plate Covers Structural Pipes Preliminary Assembly
SHEP_CLAY-_FOAM.GIF (25054 bytes) SHEP_CLAY-_FOAM_A.GIF (23658 bytes) SHEP_CLAY-_GROUP.GIF (52050 bytes) SHEP_3_-_BICYCLE.GIF (33730 bytes)
Foam Layout Foam Cuttings Claying-up Foam Clay Pattern
SHEP_MOLDS.GIF (45696 bytes) paint col.GIF (58308 bytes) painted col.GIF (44056 bytes) assembly col.GIF (65882 bytes)
Mold Making Painting Column Painted Column Assembled Columns
lighted col.GIF (46799 bytes)
Lit Columns


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