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Shepard Chronicler                   

Commissioned by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, the Shepard project  had two parts. The Shepard Historical Chronicler and the Shepard Cylinders.

The Shepard Historical Chronicler documents the history of the Shepard   Department Stores through the print advertisements the Store ran over its  century of existence. The sculpture features five independently rotating drums. Each drum covers a twenty year time span. When activated, the drum is  illuminated and rotated to reveal a different image in the window. The drum timers act randomly.

SB15.jpg (112926 bytes) SB14.jpg (158349 bytes)
Concept Drawing Installation Concept
SHEP_CHRON_-_WOOD.GIF (42447 bytes) SHEP_CHRON_-_DRUM_DRIVE.GIF (28456 bytes)
Wood Frame Fiberglass coating Drum Drive Mechanism


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