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Ames Circle of Arts                   

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The rough Clay figure below is modeled in 1/2 scale. For measurements, see below. Please click on a thumbnail for a larger image. These models are for design purposes, the proportions and anatomical details are not accurate -no live models or reference was used for these studies.

The monument

Ames_revised_2001.GIF (93854 bytes) Ames_revised_2001b.GIF (202439 bytes) Ames_revised_2001c.GIF (88916 bytes) Ames_side_view_4-2001.GIF (67373 bytes)


Half scale maquette
Ames_-_Creativity_Figure_-_View_5.GIF (182829 bytes) Ames_-_Creativity_Figure_-_View_2.GIF (193721 bytes)
Creativity - View 1 Creativity - View 2
Full Scale Clay
clay_figure_3.jpg (79799 bytes) clay_figure_1.jpg (58850 bytes) The full scale clay is designed to be separated into sections for molding and casting by the foundry.

clay_figure_4.jpg (62378 bytes)
clay_figure_6.jpg (270398 bytes) clay_figure_7.jpg (352331 bytes) The hair was simplified to planes and line to fit more harmoniously with the overall sculpture. The ribbon circumference was brought closer to the body for added strength. clay_figure_5.jpg (317053 bytes)

The Arch Medallions

There are five medallions in total, each will have the same design on the front and reverse. These images show the development of the clay patterns for bronze. The image to the left is the concept drawing,  The third and fourth are the near-finished clays, full scale. In some cases, the design has undergone continued development. Changes in the bronze molding method allowed the use of high relief modeling up to 2" in depth which will increase clarity from a distance.

Note: the thumbnail images are not the same scale, click on an image to enlarge.

 Ames_-_Musical_Arts_Relief_Clay.gif (338653 bytes)


Half scale model

Ames_Musical_Arts.GIF (176300 bytes) Musical_Arts_1_copy.jpg (316635 bytes) musicalarts1.jpg (104437 bytes) musicalarts2.jpg (23074 bytes)
Musical Arts Final Clay Final revision (3-1-03) Final revision (3-1-03)
Ames_Athletic_Arts.GIF (183299 bytes) Athletic_Arts_1_copy.jpg (302760 bytes) Athletic_Arts_2_copy.jpg (199618 bytes) athleticarts1.jpg (77251 bytes)
Athletic Arts Final Clay Final Clay Final revision (Coated with shellac) 3-1-03
Ames_Literary_Arts.GIF (187442 bytes) Literary_Arts_1_copy.jpg (315828 bytes) Literary_Arts_2_copy.jpg (374241 bytes)
Literary Arts Final Clay Final Clay
Ames_Fine_Arts.GIF (167200 bytes) Fine_Arts_1_copy.jpg (292729 bytes) Fine_Arts_2_copy.jpg (216144 bytes)
Fine Arts Final Clay Final Clay
th_15.GIF (187289 bytes) Dramatic_Arts_2_copy.jpg (285998 bytes) Theater_2.jpg (232458 bytes) Theater_4.jpg (141017 bytes)
Theatrical Arts Final Clay Final revision (3-1-03) Final revision (3-1-03)
The Bronze Casting

of the Medallions

Kane Foundry, Pawtucket,RI

mold.jpg (92207 bytes) arts_mold.jpg (75657 bytes) arts_rubber.jpg (87581 bytes) ath_rubber.jpg (56133 bytes)
Liquid rubber is poured over the pattern, filling the box. The cured rubber is removed from the box leaving a reverse negative cavity of the pattern.. 
arts_mold2.jpg (96921 bytes) wax1.jpg (101586 bytes) wax2.jpg (87316 bytes) shell1.jpg (122780 bytes)
Once delivered to the foundry... Melted wax is brushed into the mold building up a 3/8" thickness. Wax sprues are strategically attached to gat and vent the bronze during the pour. Once the wax is complete, it is dipped in a slurry of ceramic shell liquid that coats the piece.
shell2.jpg (76273 bytes) pour1.jpg (79342 bytes) cast_1.jpg (88589 bytes) bronze_1.jpg (105913 bytes)
The Ceramic shell is placed in a furnace to melt all the wax out, leaving a hollow cavity that will be bronze. Molten bronze is poured into the ceramic shell and allowed to cool overnight. Once cool, the ceramic shell is hammered and chipped away from the bronze. The cast bronze. The medallions are cast in two pieces per side, welded together and chased (cleaned and polished and patina applied). This is the rough casting, right out of the ceramic shell. A long process!
bronze_4.jpg (96843 bytes) bronze_1.jpg (105913 bytes) bronze_3.jpg (84274 bytes) bronze_2.jpg (61368 bytes)
bronze6.jpg (96743 bytes) bronze7.jpg (152326 bytes) Bronze castings in various states of finishing. All the Medallions will be worked to a pre-finished point and then finished, polished and patinaed all at the same time to insure consistency of finish.A finished medallion weighs approx. 235 lbs. sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_Theatrical_bronze_1.jpg (136740 bytes)
sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_2.jpg (194163 bytes) sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_6.jpg (105576 bytes) sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_3.jpg (126585 bytes) sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_4.jpg (121485 bytes)
sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_7.jpg (127377 bytes) sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_8.jpg (116482 bytes) sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_1.jpg (103843 bytes) sclupturelab_PUB_ART_Ames_figure_bronze_5.jpg (83873 bytes)


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