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Ames Circle of Arts                   

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The monument

Ames_revised_2001.GIF (93854 bytes)  Steel and precast concrete by Castcrete, Seekonk, MA

Steel Foundation 

sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel1.JPG (113614 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel2.JPG (199393 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel3.JPG (130526 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel4.JPG (148915 bytes)
sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel5.JPG (141851 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel6.JPG (140626 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel7.JPG (121260 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel8.JPG (124750 bytes)
sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel9.JPG (231669 bytes)
Concrete precast molds
sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete18.JPG (163649 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete15.JPG (212001 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete13.JPG (217657 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete17.JPG (191488 bytes)
sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete12.JPG (204109 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete11.JPG (220735 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete14.JPG (216778 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete16.JPG (170727 bytes)
sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete2.JPG (134197 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel11.JPG (188133 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel12.JPG (191645 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel13.JPG (310448 bytes)
sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel14.JPG (220886 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel17.JPG (203018 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel16.JPG (191442 bytes)
Concrete precast pieces
sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete3.JPG (145522 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete8.JPG (216455 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete7.JPG (197017 bytes)

Column Sleeve Caps

sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete9.JPG (133601 bytes)

bench bottoms

sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete5.JPG (160957 bytes)


sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete1.JPG (137667 bytes)

"T" caps

sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete4.JPG (149435 bytes)

Bench Tops

sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete6.JPG (245662 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_concrete10.JPG (168469 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel19.JPG (196545 bytes) sculpturelab_PA_Ames_steel18.JPG (210210 bytes)
Column Sleeves Foundation crating
Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Drawing 3

Drawing 4

Drawing 5

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