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Edward Cohen Memorial Plaque

Massachusetts AFL-CIO and the Massachusetts State House


Wm. Culbertson, Artist   (401.766.6256,  email:culbertson@cox.net)

Preliminary Designs 

Click on image to enlarge 

Flat Relief Bronze Plaque
cohen still square e.jpg (167300 bytes) cohen still square d.jpg (165702 bytes) To download a PowerPoint document of pictures, Click Here!    

cohen still square b.jpg (161190 bytes) cohen still square c.jpg (181115 bytes) To Download a PDF Document, Click Here!  

Semi-Cylindrical Bronze/Fiberglass Relief Column

cohen still bronze b.jpg (178480 bytes)


cohen still bronze j.jpg (165113 bytes)

cohen still bronze k.jpg (168729 bytes)

To Download a 2:25 minute video, Click Here!


Semi-Cylindrical Bronze/Fiberglass and Acrylic Relief Column

cohen still blue a.jpg (175721 bytes)


cohen still blue c.jpg (159030 bytes)

cohen still blue e.jpg (175548 bytes)


Copyright 2006 Culbertson

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