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You've Got'ta Have Art!

Dave & Red drive around the state in search of art! Their journey begins at The Gilbert Stuart Birthplace in Saunderstown. Children are the guides, helping Dave & Red to learn some history about the famous painter. Then they are off to see a dance rehearsal at Jump Dance Company! Red gets to strut his stuff with the dancers! At the State House in Providence, Dave & Red explore the halls and State Room for Art. All Children's Theater is the next stop, where the duo gets to watch a rehearsal in progress! The closing segment is a whirlwind tour of the State in search of public sculpture!















Colonial Re-Enactments!

In this segment, Dave & Red visit with the colonial encampment in Pawtuxet Village during the Gaspee Days Celebration.  There are colonial militia groups to visit as well as colonial vendors showing there wares. Red tries his "beak" at some of the wooden toys while Dave visits some kids camping in tents.  There are several local re-enactment groups in our area.  The Pawtuxet Rangers are located in Warwick. Their web site is filled with information and links to other local groups.




The New England Botanical Gardens at Roger Williams Park is host to a seasonal butterfly exhibit. The enclosed exhibit has lots of open space to view the butterflies. There are pictorial displays explaining the life-cycle of the butterflies as well as examples in live displays. Be prepared to host a butterfly on your nose... they fly free inside! The Butterfly Society of Rhode Island web site has links to more information!






New England Aquarium's Newport Exploration Center!

Wow! Dave & Red learned a lot about the waters around Rhode Island. Almost everything here was "hands-on!" There were many exhibits in a quiet setting. Spend as much time as you like there! There were craft tables full of supplies, a puppet theater (one of Red's favorites... puppets crack him up!), interactive displays and even a video game kiosk.  Oh, and there are lots of live critters! Dave thought the Jellyfish tank was awesome! There were lots of staff members on hand to help guide you the learning experience and answer any questions.






Kite Flying!

A great day at Newport Beach attending a kite festival. There are lots of different kinds of kites, and practically all were there! Lots of friendly flyers, eager to talk about their kites. Kite flying can be a lot of fun, but it is important to follow safe kite flying rules! Please visit the sites below to learn safe kite flying rules!

Important things to remember when flying your kite:
(From: An Introduction to Kites and Kite Flying)

1. Don't fly near people, especially young children
2. Don't fly close to roads, landing a kite in a road could cause a serious accident.
3. Keep away from overhead power lines.
4. Don't fly near airports.
5. Don't fly your kite in winds stronger than recommended.
6. Although it is unusual for dogs to attack kites while still in the air, always make sure that there are no dogs around when you land your kite. They are known to run away when a kite lands but in some instances they have been known to grab the kite and run away with it.



My Li'l Town!

Every episode, Dave & Red travel to a different town in the Ocean State to take some video, just to catch the local atmosphere. It's a time to just kick back and enjoy!









Roger Williams Park!

Most people know about the great zoo at the Park, But not everyone is aware of the other great attractions there. There are things for kids of all ages! We went on a ride on the Carousel, went on the pony rides and explored the Hasbro Boundless Playground! We also made quick stops at the boathouse, the Casino Building, Betsy Williams Cottage and the Museum, which houses the planetarium. Below are links to sites related to our visit!




Rhode Island Bikeways!

Our last segment in the episode showed some some of the Ocean State's scenic views along the bikeway paths. Remember to follow proper bike safety rules! The best source of information about the bikeways comes from the Greenway council and the State. The Department of Transportation  (DOT) site has rules and regulations, guides and maps of trails. Here are links to their sites and some others!




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