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City of Stockton , Public Arts

"Faklis Park Gateway"                               

Wm. Culbertson, Artist   (401.766.6256,  culbertson@cox.net)

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Proposal  Design

Faklis still 0v.jpg (325458 bytes)  

Faklis still 0C.jpg (100024 bytes)

Faklis still 0B.jpg (248239 bytes)

Faklis still 0A1200.jpg (284774 bytes)

Faklis still 0E.jpg (241330 bytes)

Faklis still 0D.jpg (252863 bytes)

Stockton model 04.jpg (180637 bytes)

Stockton model 03.jpg (172382 bytes)

Stockton model 01.jpg (178466 bytes)

Stockton model 02.jpg (182919 bytes)

               Scale Model 

To view a 2:17 minute 

streaming video of 

the sculpture proposal,

click here!

To download a PDF written description, Click Here!

To download a Powerpoint Presentation, Click Here!


Examlpes of stained concrete ruins

-Mexico Pavillion, EPCOT, FL

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Picture 112A.jpg (500578 bytes) Picture 113A.jpg (804221 bytes)



Copyright 2006 Culbertson


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