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Splendour of the Seas!             

Miniature Golf Course Themed Figures
Sculpted for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Splendour of the Seas, These ten figures were modeled in clay and then cast in fiberglass. A bronze in acrylic emulsion was applied to the surface.  Depending upon their placement on the course, some figures were immersed in water hazards and sand traps, some on tees and greens. The figures were three foot high in scale. These photos were taken prior to final coloration. A few photos are of clays.
golfer_1_clay.gif (79582 bytes) golfer_1a.gif (76519 bytes) golfer_1closeup.gif (107361 bytes)
golfer_2_clay.gif (113789 bytes) golfer_2_closeup.gif (110719 bytes) putter.gif (78042 bytes)
mad_golfer.gif (90929 bytes) mad_golfer_closeup.gif (113525 bytes) pool_player.gif (82449 bytes)
sleeping_golfer.gif (66901 bytes) sleeping_golfer_closeup.gif (122725 bytes) swinging_golfer.gif (71828 bytes)


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